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SafeExam Browser

SafeExam Browser

by Yu-cheng Mark Chang -
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How to use SafeExam Browser

Starting January 1st, 2020, all students are required to complete their [AOL] Tests and Exams with SafeExam Browser.

  1. Please download SafeExam Browser from the following link

    Windows (version 2.3)

    MacOS (version2.1.4)

    iPad: Please install SafeExam Browser from the App Store.
  2. Please download SafeExam Configuration file according your operating system from the following link.
    You will need to run this file every time you are taking test/exam.

    Configuration File for Windows  (Password to run the configuration: 1978)

    Configuration File for Mac/iPad (password to run the configuration: 1978)
    ** For iPad user, please use Safari to download and run the configuration file.
  3. After you have completed the test (Finish Attempt --> Submit All and Finish -->  Submit All and Finish (Confirmation) --> Finish Review), you will be redirected back to your test/exam’s home page.

    To exit SafeExam Browser, look for “Finish Test & Exit” link and click to exit the browser.

    If you don't see "Finish Test & Exit" in your test's home page, simply scroll down to the bottom of Moodle page, and click "GLCT School" link to exit SEB.


Please note: you should disable your anti-virus or internet security software before you run SEB.