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Your school Email Account

Your school Email Account

by Yu-cheng Mark Chang -
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Dear students,

Happy New Year!

If you have not logged into your school email account yet,, please do so. You may upload your final project/presentation (etc) to the Microsoft OneDrive, then share the link of the file on Moodle, so your teacher can grade it.

You will need to use the following URL to log in:

The password is the same as your original Moodle password. If you have forgotten or need to reset the password or simply don't know the email address, please send an email to me ( with your full name, and I will send you all the information you need.

Also, please make sure you have SafeExam Browser installed as per instruction posted in CGW4U.

Please note, if you are using iPad to write the exam, it will take some time (depending on the internet connection, for me was 15 - 30 seconds) for the iPad to fully load the exam's JavaScript, which means you will not be able to type right away.