Community involvement requirement of 40 hours over the Grade 9 - 12, is to be completed outside the students’ normal instructional hours in school. Students will maintain and provide a record of their community involvement activities using the forms provided by the school. Full completion of the forms, including the required signatures, is the responsibility of the individual student. The dates and times that students participated in this program must be recorded and confirmed by the sponsoring organization or supervisors. The guidance counsellor will provide the necessary forms to document the performance of the community involvement and will include a list of the community involvement activities that the school considers acceptable and a list of those activities that are designated ineligible. Further, the guidance counsellor will decide whether the student’s activities have met the requirements as stipulated by the Ministry of Education. For those students transferring to GLOA after completing two or more years in a secondary school program outside the province of Ontario, the principal will determine the number of hours of community involvement still required.